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advertise to the right audience

Advertise with precision and context

Whether you’re looking to win over your competitors’ customers or find untapped segments that share key attributes with your existing or ideal customer persona, Spatially helps you search for, and communicate with, your future customers. We offer multiple out-of-the-box targeting objectives designed to hone in on whoever that next audience may be.


learn about your customers' behavior

Understand your customers’ offline behavior

Spatially combines census, demographic, and mobile data to provide a comprehensive understanding of your actual customers--who they are, where they come from, and how you can best reach them. We eliminate the guesswork and provide you the insights you need to better drive your marketing and business decisions.


maximize advertising returns

Maximize your advertising returns

Spatially leverages location intelligence to focus your hard-earned budget on only those audiences most likely to convert into loyal customers. Unlike basic geofencing, Spatially looks past proximity to analyze and target those factors (such as daily commutes, shopping habits, and drive time sensitivity) that truly differentiate one target from another. The result is higher quality leads at a fraction of the cost.


for now agency

"Spatially has revolutionized our ability to integrate internal customer data and location data to effectively plan and execute campaigns for our clicks-and-bricks clients."

Katharine ReQua, Founder
For Now
mem tea

“Bringing people from our website to our shop can be challenging.  Spatially’s targeting allowed us to do just that by letting us focus on people who travel near our store. Their customer support and care is tremendous and we look forward to working with them for future marketing needs.”

Michaela Thompson, General Manager

“Spatially helped us identify and target our very best prospective customers. Their team connected the dots for us by taking what we knew about our customers and overlaying census and geospatial data to show us which neighborhoods best matched our target persona."

Glenn Greer, Co-Owner
RZone Fitness



"The platform is very easy to use and I'm thrilled with the results." 

Besty Frost, Owner
Betsy Frost Design

The features you need

Perfect for beginners and experts alike

predictive ad targeting

Predictive Ad Targeting

Stretch your ad budgets further by targeting only those consumers our analysis predicts will be most likely to buy your services.

centralized ad management

Centralized Ad Management

Manage all your Facebook and Google AdWords campaigns, reporting, and optimizations in one centralized dashboard.

data analysis

Advanced Data Analysis

Go beyond demographic targeting to target and analyze offline and psychographic behaviors identified by our proprietary data engine.


Powerful Geofencing

Get more out of geofencing by targeting consumers before and after they visit your immediate business area.

customer insights

Customer Insights

Understand who your customers are and how they interact with the physical world—where they come from and where they spend their time.

focus on what you love-running your business

Focus on What You Love

Growing your business shouldn’t be a chore. Get set up in minutes and back to what you love most—running your business.

How Spatially Ads Works

DIY OR Managed Services

The choice is yours

DIY with Spatially Ads

Our self-serve SaaS platform is designed to make local advertising on Facebook or Google AdWords easy, efficient, and effective. Our guided prompts will walk you through each step of building your promotion and pull in recommendations unique to your business type.


Get expert results with Managed Service

For advertisers looking for a more hands-off solution, our team of certified experts will manage your advertising campaigns from start to finish. We combine data science with location intelligence to send the right message to the right person at the right place and time.


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