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Advertise Where It Matters Most

Our ad-targeting platform geo-targets potential customers based on their spatial behavior. Spatially's technology identifies people who have visited a Business Area before, so you can easily create ads for your most likely customers.

Learn Who Works and Lives Nearby

Get key insights about the demographics, behavior and movements of the people who live and work near your business. Explore an area's market potential by viewing resident and business indicators including:

  • Where people work and play
  • Estimated market sizes
  • Retail market share by type
  • Property ownership
  • Median age
Find the Location Best Suited for Your Business

Utilize our proprietary metrics like Product-Market-Location Fit (PML Fit) to quantify the general suitability of any U.S. Business Area for a specific business type

  • Evaluate individual Business Areas
  • Compare Business Areas within the same metro
  • See what other business types are nearby
  • Learn what kinds of businesses fit best
Understand Area Activities that Impact Your Business

Get familiar with the unique attributes of any Business Area, including consumer spending, traffic volume and movement of people in and out of the area. Take a deep dive into any area's dynamics to understand how they impact your business. Learn about:

  • Spending in the Business Area
  • Walkability and traffic volume
  • Population by time of day
  • Number of debit card transactions
  • Popular area attractions