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Spatially leverages the power of location-based data
to extract insights that deliver real-world value.

find your target location and audience

Go beyond what people are doing, 
where they’re doing it,
and when.

Spatially reveals the underlying connections and relationships on why people, places, and systems interact the way they do. This provides our clientele with the actionable insight necessary to optimize decision making.

find your audience

Strategically leverage location data analytics

Spatial behaviors are rich sources of data. Yet, for many in the business world, these sources are often the least understood and most underutilized. Our proprietary data models solve this by extracting real-world value from geospatial datasets. Insights as to why decisions were made at the intersection of time and location then become possible.

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leverage location intel

Let’s find your audience (and engage!) 

Pattern recognition is essential for optimizing engagement. Our self-learning algorithms can be trained to identify both repeating and repeatable patterns in human behavior, and we’ll work together to define your audience goals, set the appropriate criteria for successfully targeting your audience, and continuously monitor results for a maximum ROI on both time and resources.

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Proprietary technology

Proprietary. Innovative. Successful. 

Spatially builds customized data models from the ground up, constructed around a singular mission: derive maximum value from location intelligence. We are a focused group of data science professionals — an eclectic team of PhDs, scientists, and software engineers partnered with marketing professionals, design gurus, and accomplished startup veterans.

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Constantly Extracting the Value in Data


Dedicated Humans. Intelligent Machines. Happy Clients.  

Deliverables via location intelligence is not futuristic; it’s available right now. Harness the power of data-driven insights today.

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