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Location holds the key to
understanding your customers.

At Spatially, we believe location is more than a point on a map. It’s the story of your customers.

How consumers interact with the physical worldwhere they live, work, shop, and playsays a lot about who they are and how they act in the marketplace. Where a person lives says a lot about their socioeconomic situation, where they shop speaks to their preferences, and where they spend their time paints a picture of their personality, lifestyle, and interests.

We’ve made it our mission to tell this hidden story, through spatial science and technologies, and give brands a comprehensive and actionable understanding of their customers through the lens of location intelligence.

our customers

About our customers

Spatially works with brands, entrepreneurs, service providers, agencies, franchises, nonprofits, and government organizations. If you’re looking to get more out of location, we can help.

Serving small businesses and the Fortune 500 alike, we're engineered for scale and have packages to fit any budget and any need.

Meet our customers

our team

About our team

Behind the scenes is a team of PhDs, data scientists, software engineers, marketing gurus, and startup veterans spread out across offices in Boston, Miami, and Seattle. We come from many backgrounds but all share two things: An unrelenting obsession for data and a passion for location.


LSA certification

Our Credentials

We are proud to be accredited with the Seal of Trust in Digital Marketing by the Local Search Association (LSA).


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Our Offices

Spatially is headquartered in Boston with offices in Seattle and Miami. Give us a call, send us an email or reach out via snail mail. Your questions, comments, and feedback are always welcome.


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We're always looking for talented, high energy people who love working in small teams and enjoy being personally accountable for shipping amazing product. Join us for the journey.


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