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Untapped Ad Potential

The marketing capabilities available through location-based, data-driven advertising are massively lucrative. Until recently, however, those capabilities have remained largely dormant, or highly underutilized, with business owners not realizing the campaign power in actively leveraging these analytics. At Spatially, our aim — driven by our proprietary data models — is to change that mindset, one client at a time. Let us show you how using location intelligence to build brand awareness will get your targeted message in front of the right people, boosting engagement across all relevant platforms.

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Putting Location Intelligence to Work

We’ll meet with you and your team, and clearly explain how the techniques and science behind running a data-centric campaign will get the right ads in front of ideal customers. Spatially continuously aggregates and analyzes millions of data points, filtered to capitalize on “location intent,” a layer of visualization we provide that determines with high probability the “why” of what people are doing and where. By implementing Spatially’s business model — human focus directing the power of machine learning to gain actionable intel — these countless data points become true sources of insight, rather than a collection of geographical pins on a map, equating to little more than missed opportunities.


Pragmatic and Programmatic

After we identify how to best use all available data streams to steer your campaign, we’ll then reinforce a cross-platform integration strategy that is continuously optimized. Targeting where people congregate and the behavior they exhibit is just the beginning; our data models are self-adaptive, directed to constantly extract the analytics necessary to improve consumer engagement. Finally, and alongside our ML/AI engines running 24/7 in the service of your marketing goals, we also understand the pragmatism behind developing human relationships. By always being available to examine and evaluate your changing data needs, we’ll continue growing as you grow.


Modern Advertising Solutions, Minimal Ad Waste

Everyone responsible for an ad campaign wants maximum ROI for each dollar spent. And while some things in marketing will remain constant — for example, just like great acting can’t save a terrible movie, a fantastic ad means very little if presented to the wrong audience — it’s never been more important to have the best tools at your fingertips in order to ensure your creative meets your customer’s need with maximum impact, and at the optimal moment.

Partnering with Spatially is your organization’s first step in unleashing the potential in properly contextualizing location data: the right offer meets the right person, and at the right time. Let’s do this!

We’re in This Together

Partnering with us means you’ll receive:

Personal account manager

Personal account manager

Dedicated data analystst

Dedicated data analysts

ad strategy, planning, and design

Complete ad strategy, planning, and design


Customizable dashboard (coming soon)

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Deliverables via location intelligence is not futuristic; it’s available right now. Harness the power of data-driven insights today.

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