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At Spatially, we know that understanding local dynamics is crucial to developing existing markets, building new ones and reaching the right customers. Our APIs provide analytical insights and metrics to enhance product offerings and knowledge provided by websites, marketers, agencies and other media outlets with a focus on geospatial data, so you can achieve better marketing results.

Spatially's API can be licensed as packages or individually. If you want to see other market insights included in our location search and analytics technology at spatially.com, please let us know at sales@spatially.com.

Spatially APIs and technologies


Population Segmentation

Let's start with the basics: Our Population Segmentation APIs make extracting information about people in your market faster and more cost-effective, so you can do more detailed analysis and reporting. By noting movements of people through your Business Area, Localgraphics (the segmentation of a population based on spatial behavior) adds a new dimension to market research.

Localgraphics API


Localgraphics™ is our proprietary set of features engineered from local behavior. These are the attributes about people that we learn from how they act in space. We take measures of people, businesses, and locations and use their spatial interactions to build location-specific metrics.

Demographics API


Our Demographics API uses rich U.S. Census Bureau data to provide detailed insights into the people who live and work in any area. While this data is publicly available, it’s often limited and cumbersome to work with. We provide ease of use so you can focus on getting better insights.

Demographics 2 API

Demographics II

U.S. Census Bureau demographics are the gold standard of population segmentation, but they have limitations. Census demographics don’t allow cross tabulation—sorting by household income AND education attainment AND the ages of children, say—but Spatially’s API does.

Trade Areas

A Trade Area is the geographic area that makes up the potential local market for a business. More specific than a zip code or a driving radius, the Trade Area is derived from data about actual customer behavior, so you can see where and how far people travel locally, and where and when they spend time and money. Understanding your Trade Area is critical for strategic planning, market initiatives, testing new opportunities and developing prospects into engaged customers.

ETA (Empirical Trade Area) API

Active Trade Area

Active Trade Area API goes beyond theoretical estimates of markets based on travel time or distance from a target business. It uses observed data to show where people go by time of day, day of the week or season in any trade area. It gives real-life, location-specific intelligence about where people come from, where they spend time, how far they travel and whether they have entered your Business Area.

Drive Time API

Drive Time

The Drive Time API creates area geographic boundaries and segments them by drive time. It considers impediments like traffic patterns and bridges to create accurate time-based measurements. View demographics of people within specific driving times and distances; see property ownership rates and values; and note shopping, dining, work habits and local business segments at a glance.


Area Narratives describe data in natural language instead of in numerical or list form. They present key differentiating details about Business Areas and Residential Areas in a client-friendly format that highlights the unique elements of any location. Narratives also capture distinctive search terms that make keyword optimization easier.

Business Area Narratives API

Business Area Narratives

The Business Narratives API provides narrative descriptions of what makes each Business Area unique. It gives an overview of what sets a Business Area apart by generating natural-language commentary including boundary streets, local business mix, proximity to landmarks, population origin and variance by time of day and walkability.

Residential Area Narratives API

Residential Area Narratives

The Residential Narratives API gives context to compare the features of residential areas. Real estate professionals, housing developers and home buyers are among those who find clear narrative presentation of an area’s residential, population, household, landmark and road-orientation characteristics especially appealing.

Custom narratives API

Custom Narratives

Distinguish your business from the rest with our Custom Narratives API. Identify the local characteristics you want to leverage for SEO by using keywords to create custom reports about your current or prospective neighborhood, or that of your competition—data vital to real estate professionals, digital marketers and niche markets, among others.

Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics APIs provide precise metrics that allow access to key measurements for a given Business Area, including business performance, market size, market spending, walkability and public transport accessibility. 



Key Performance Indicator APIs provide a single metric expressed as a numerical value. By factoring together multiple attribute datasets, [Key Performance Indicator] APIs quantify the suitability of an area for a particular attribute.

Market Size API

Market Size

How big is big enough, and how small is too small? This is hard to calculate without accounting for locational nuances. The Market Size APIs provide you with real numbers on your total addressable market size in terms of people or consumer spending.

  • Total Addressable Market: People
  • Total Addressable Market: Spending (Limited)
Indices API


The Indices APIs are designed to give a standardized metric about a specific area characteristic like walkability or public transportation connectivity. These values provide context and insight into specific items of interest within your Business Area.

  • Walkability
  • Transportation Connectivity (Coming Soon)


Find out how Spatially’s APIs can enhance your business data and location intelligence.