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Identify the Markets that Matter Most to You

Demographics and psychographics are basic to market research and customer segmentation. Localgraphics™ is the segmentation of a population based on spatial behavior, creating a whole new way to determine a population's characteristics by locational context. Spatially measures interactions among people, businesses and locations to build location-specific metrics that provide better insights into existing, target and potential customers. When demographics, psychographics and Localgraphics™ work together, you gain information you can use to pinpoint your marketing, differentiate your services, even discover new segments of your target population.



Segmentation of people based on socioeconomic characteristics expressed statistically

Who we are



Segmentation of people based on values, interests and behavior.

What we care about, why we buy what we buy



Segmentation of people based on spatial behavior.

Where we go, what we do there and when we do it

With this information, you can create a shopping profile of the most loyal customers in an area or for a type of business. See where they go most frequently, and which other merchants they visit regularly. Do the same for casual customers, or compare these metrics with a competitor’s, so your business can integrate itself into your customer’s patterns, routines and behaviors. Localgraphics make it easier for potential customers to find, patronize and return to your business.

Preview and imagine how well any location fits into your market, or put a location into context. Find similar markets, grow your audience and differentiate each market based on its needs. Localgraphics can provide you with invaluable market insights, giving you more control over advertising campaigns, audience growth and market expansion.

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Find out how Spatially’s APIs can enhance your business data and location intelligence.