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Targeted Engagement

Targeted Engagement: Define. Understand. Connect.

At Spatially, our business is leveraging the power of location intelligence. Proprietary data models identify, engage, and convert, all by creating personalized customer personas that target those clients with the highest potential value. We’ll work with you to clearly identify: 

— Who are your customers?

— Where do they spend their time?

— What behavioral patterns do they exhibit?

Spatially’s data team and marketing pros answer these questions, providing data-driven insight to drive customer engagement.

Built from ground up

Built From the Ground Up

Our data models are fully customizable, constructed to best serve your audience engagement needs. Social media feeds, point-of-sale transactions, societal and demographic determinants — these are just some of the rich sources of data available for location analytics to be optimized for audience engagement. By understanding your objectives and KPIs, we’ll build a data model that is tailor-made to keep that strategy on track.

Audience Capture0A

Audience Capture

Human analysis and interpretation of geospatial data is what makes Spatially’s ML/AI systems so powerful for audience engagement. By using machine intelligence to combine census, demographic, and especially mobile data — picture millions of GPS signals sourced, filtered, and analyzed 24/7 — we produce robust, actionable analytics that relate consumer activity to a physical location. This facilitates successful behavioral targeting, profiling both offline (physical) and online (digital) behaviors.

competitor analysis-2

Eyes on the Competition

Successful audience engagement isn’t complete without having the data on what competitors are doing, and how well they’re doing it. By evaluating location data around the competition and analyzing the behavioral characteristics of customers visiting them, we’re able to discern:

— Where are your competitors?

— How big is their market penetration?

Who does their audience consist of?

Spatially can then target those consumers directly on your behalf, predicting those most likely to convert. Remember: everyone is voluntarily carrying around a location-aware, data streaming device on them all day, every day — let’s capitalize on that!

1-Harness the Power of Location Intelligence

Contextualizing Spatial Analytics

Machine learning applied to geospatial data unlocks the capabilities of location intelligence, reinforcing what’s possible when precision targeting is combined with thoughtful engagement. Efficiently reach current customers, target a list of past or churning customers, and utilize predictive models describing where new customers most likely exist. 

Spatially believes in taking a holistic approach, and understanding that it’s all tied together — having the best words ready to direct traffic during search and deploying “location intent” filters designed specifically to evaluate and optimize social behaviors.

We’re in This Together

Partnering with us means you’ll receive:

Personal account manager

Personal account manager

Dedicated data analystst

Dedicated data analysts

Direct connection to our ad services

Direct connection to our ad services


Customizable dashboard (coming soon)

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Deliverables via location intelligence is not futuristic; it’s available right now. Harness the power of data-driven insights today.

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