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Audience Finder

Take the guesswork out of targeting the perfect audience with four targeting objectives rooted in data science and best practices specific to your industry.


Ever wish you could encourage those passing by your business to stop on in? With geofencing, you can. Simply draw a bubble around your location(s) and set a distance radius to reach consumers within a specified number of miles.

Geofencing can also be used to target key points on the map, such as all of the schools in your area or corporate campuses you’re looking to sell to or poach from.


Geofencing lets you: 


Lure in consumers passing by your business.


Target consumers as they visit key points of interest indicative of buyer intent.


Draw a geofence around competitor’s locations to target customers currently visiting their location (geo-conquesting).


Advertise to specific neighborhoods and locations where you believe you’ll see the greatest conversion.

Behavioral Targeting

Behavioral Targeting merges the physical and digital worlds to help advertisers target consumers based on their offline behaviors. We aggregate and analyze millions of GPS signals to show businesses a comprehensive view of where their most probable customers spend their time. We’ll then help you trace them back to their home and work locations and engage them at key points throughout the customer journey.

Behavioral Targeting lets you:


Target customers observed in or near your business location—even after they leave the immediate area.


Engage consumers known to visit relevant points of interest, such as students visiting a local college campus, stock traders commuting to the financial district for work, or tourists visiting a local landmark before heading back to their hotels.


Communicate with customers who regularly shop at a complementary business closely tied to your own.


Reach nightlife lovers observed to be out-and-about in the late evening and early morning.

Custom Audiences

Feel confident about how well you know your customers? Our Custom Audience Builder lets you lead the way in identifying those demographic, socioeconomic, and psychographic factors that best represent your target audience. We’ll then use geodemographic segmentation to help you find customers that fit your mold.

Custom Audiences let you:


Reach the areas best match your target customer, in terms of land use, household value, education, racial/ethnic composition, political affiliation, and other demographic attributes.


Target people based on offline and spatial behaviors, such as consumers observed visiting art galleries or shopping at Whole Foods.

Customer Upload

Engage current or past customers with location-based remarketing. Simply upload a list of customer addresses, and we’ll help you target their home locations. If you don’t have customer data on hand, we can also help you identify your customers by analyzing mobile and GPS data to see who has been frequently observed in or near your location.

Remarketing lets you:


Reach current customers with loyalty programs, discounts, and other communications.


Target a list of past or churning customers with a renewal or re-engagement campaign.


Visualize where your customers live and cluster to identify possible sites for expansion.


Michaela Thompson

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Bringing people from our website to our shop can be challenging. Spatially’s targeting allowed us to do just that by letting us focus on people who travel near our store.

Michaela Thompson  |  General Manager, MEM Tea
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