Product-Market-Location Fit, a Key Metric to Evaluate and Compare Business Areas Launched Today!

By Lisa Lamb on May 18, 2017 at 8:23 AM

Spatially launched Product-Market-Location Fit (PML Fit) today, a proprietary metric that quantifies the general suitability of any U.S. Business Area to a specific business type. With PML Fit, businesses will now have the ability to evaluate and compare multiple or individual Business Areas in a metro.


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Insights into How Boston Grad 🎓 Season Affects Local Businesses

By Lisa Lamb on May 11, 2017 at 11:03 AM

Source: Boston Globe

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Don't Miss This Week's #SmallBusinessWeek Events in Boston ✅

By Lisa Lamb on April 30, 2017 at 7:01 PM

Boston's Guide to National Small Business Week (1).png

Make the Most Out of Small Business Week!

As a small business owner, you've worked hard building your business and contributing to your local community. National Small Business Week is a week dedicated to raising awareness and recognition for all of your hard working efforts throughout the year. But to make the most of the week, you’ll need to participate in the scheduled events and activities or plan a few your own.

Tuesday, May 2nd
 2017 National Small Business Week Awards Luncheon
Presented by Boston SBA
May 2nd at 11:30 am ET
At Granite Links Golf Club
Register here 
The U.S. Economic Outlooks and Its Impact on Small Businesses
Presented by Visa
May 2nd at 2 pm ET
Webinar hosted by SBA and SCORE
Register here             

Wednesday, May 3rd
Accelerating 10x Growth through Innovation
Presented by Boston SBA
May 3rd at 12 pm ET
At Workbar Boston
Register here 
5 Fabulous Habits of Local Business Champions
Presented by YP
May 3rd at 2 pm ET
Webinar hosted by SBA and SCORE
Register here

Thursday, May 4th
Designing a Social Impact Business
Presented by Boston SBA
May 4th at 12 pm ET
At Workbar Boston
Register here 
The Future of Small Business Innovation
Presented by Salesforce
May 4th at 2:30 pm ET
Live Webcast
Register here


And if you are unable to attend these scheduled Small Business Week events and webinars - we've listed a few other ways you can still participate by planning your own activity.

sales tags copy.png
Run a Small Business Week Promotion

Take advantage of the attention on small businesses this week, and run special sales and promotions. You’ll be in good company as many other small businesses will be doing the same. Collaboratively this increased exposure in small business promotions may have a positive effect for everyone.
online store copy.png
Get Your Online Listings in Order

Now is the time to re-check your business' online presence. This gives you the opportunity to see what customers see when they search for your business and correct any inaccuracies. Consistency is important so check at everything from Yelp to the Yellow Pages to Google Maps.

Leverage Your Social Media

Promote your business thru your online social media channels and feature specials and promotions for this week. Make sure to use the hashtag #NationalSmallBusinessWeek or #SmallBusinessWeek so that you are marketing to people outside of your followers or usual customers.

Spatially can help you learn more about the people, businesses and activities around your business location.



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5 Simple Tips That Help Fuel Your Small Biz Growth in Boston🌱

By Lisa Lamb on April 24, 2017 at 2:23 PM

     1. Learn About Boston's Small Business Plan

Last year, thanks to Mayor Martin Walsh, the City of Boston released a fully detailed plan with initiatives the local government is going to implement to grow and help small businesses. This plan includes increasing support for women entrepreneurs, minority entrepreneurs, and those seeking to expand. Access to these resources is even easier through their website where they offer online support.

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Spatially CEO Joins RocksDigital Local Search Expert Panel

By Lisa Lamb on April 13, 2017 at 12:18 PM

Our CEO, Hillit Meidar-Alfi, will be a Local Search Expert Panelist at the upcoming #RocksDigital Marketing Conference on June 29-30 in Addison, Texas. The 2 day event provides business owners, marketing, SEO, search and content professionals with the resources, information, and insights to stay on the forefront on digital marketing. For details on the event visit Rocks Digital.

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Seattle, We’ve Got You Covered!

By Lisa Lamb on April 11, 2017 at 6:03 PM

We are happy to announce that we have recently added the Seattle metro to Spatially’s growing geographical coverage - as we continue towards our goal of full U.S. coverage by the year’s end.

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Spatially CEO, Hillit Meidar-Alfi, Will Be Speaking at StreetFight Summit 2017

By Lisa Lamb on March 24, 2017 at 5:42 PM

We are excited to announce that Hillit will be speaking at this year’s StreetFight Summit 2017 - discussing new technology and developments in location search and analytics. Also joining Hillit will be members of Spatially’s Business Development and Marketing teams. We’re looking forward to meeting everyone and lots of hyperlocal + MarTech talk. Let us know if you’ll be there!

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What’s in Your Small Business Software Portfolio?

By Lisa Lamb on February 16, 2017 at 1:11 PM

There are few notable go-to software solutions that many small business owners use to help manage day to day operations. These include a POS system, bookkeeping software and inventory management system. A few additional tools like an email marketing platform and tax software are sometimes part of the mix as well. But all mostly focus on internal operations - what’s missing from the picture is a tool that addresses “external” intelligence or location intelligence. Specifically, a tool that helps businesses understand what’s happening in the surrounding area outside of their business.

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Spatially Founder and CEO Featured at the Harvard Women in Innovation Series

By Lisa Lamb on February 13, 2017 at 2:30 PM


Spatially founder and CEO, Hillit Meidar-Alfi, will be the featured speaker at a Women in Innovation Series event at Harvard College Women's Center focusing on Women in Data Science - Wednesday, February 15, 2017. The event will focus on women in data-science.

"I have been challenging the status quo for as long as I can remember. From being labeled a devil’s advocate in high school to a contrarian in college, I refuse to go with the flow or accept things as they are. Delving into and exploring what others take for granted, I thrive when creating innovative, logical, and elegant solutions. I consider myself a visionary. Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs, it was only a matter of time before I started my own company.

As a trained architect with over 10 years of experience, I’ve worked internationally on projects in countries including Japan and France, as well as with Hiller, the award-winning firm in Princeton NJ. I have also worked in the health care industry, housing, and urban design. As a teaching assistant at the University of Pennsylvania, I led seminars on planning urban infrastructure systems. While there, I noticed that available methods unnecessarily restricted users’ ability to gain knowledge to make better decisions – too much of the answer is already baked into the question and there is little room for discovery. I envision a customizable planning solution that's able to evaluate many infrastructure systems across geographic boundaries. At the same time, it must take spatial relationships into account, ultimately giving users across different disciplines the information and knowledge they need to make better decisions for themselves, their companies and their clients. That is why I created Spatially, a tech startup that provides location based services.

As founder and CEO, I oversee the company and ensure that it furthers my vision to be the leading geospatial analytics and solutions provider. I develop and implement overall growth strategies and those of the company’s models and products, conduct research, and establish client relationships."

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Spatially is Live!

By Lisa Lamb on January 31, 2017 at 10:03 AM

We're excited to share our big news with you today - Spatially is live!

Spatially is a new tool for small businesses that provides insights, analyses and maps detailing key information about their Market Area:



 Behavior Patterns



 lots more!

Using Spatially is as simple as entering your business address or area and best of all - it's FREE!

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