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5 Ways Spatially Can Help Agencies

October 31, 2018 at 6:59 PM

Marketing agencies and AdTech are a match made in heaven

If you’re like most marketing agencies we’ve encountered, you have one of two challenges: 1) getting more clients, and 2) managing the needs of an ever-growing client portfolio. Fortunately, Spatially’s advertising technology helps with both.

Here’s why we (and the many marketing and advertising agencies we work with) think AdTech and agencies are a match made in heaven:

1. Manage all of your clients from one place

Tired of toggling between client accounts and aggregating metrics across ad networks? With Spatially, you can do it all in one place.

Our self-serve platform allows agencies to create and manage unlimited campaigns for unlimited clients. We integrate directly with Google, Facebook, and Instagram--meaning you can deploy your clients’ ads on any of these platforms without ever opening Facebook’s Ads Manager or a Google MCC.

Already have campaigns spread across multiple networks and accounts? Not a problem. Our Advanced and Pro plans make it easy to import your current campaigns.


2. Become the expert in each of your client’s markets

Spatially makes it easy to intimately know each of your clients’ markets and immediate trade areas.

We analyze billions of public and proprietary data points to predict and visualize any business’s most probable customers in real time. We’ll show you who your client’s current customers are and how to target lookalike audiences to expand their reach.

Working with a large chain or franchise? We’ll walk you through creating a personalized strategy for each location so that you can always come off as the location expert in your clients’ eyes.


more than geofence 

3. Boost your client retention with best-in-class results

If there’s one thing that’s bound to keep clients coming back for more, it’s tangible results. They want to see that their money is generating a positive ROI. The happier they are with the results, the more they’re willing to invest.

We’ll help you beat the market by laser-focusing your clients’ budgets to cut down on ad waste and grow conversions by an average of 3.1x by targeting only those consumers most likely to become profitable customers. Our Behavioral Targeting objective identifies your most likely repeat customers, or those that regularly walk by your client’s location. Our Custom Audience objective identifies your most valuable customers, helping you target rich demographics like income, homeownership, and educational attainment.

Additionally, our tried-and-tested personalized copy and keyword recommendations will help even first-time advertisers piggyback off years of industry best practices to get exceptional results from day one.


4. Let automation handle the day-to-day

While designing the ads and launching the campaigns gets most of the mindshare, they’re just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to managing a successful ad campaign.

If daily campaign audits and optimizations make up a big chunk of your day, consider offloading some of this work to Spatially’s optimization algorithms. Our technology will scan your campaign’s performance to identify which neighborhoods or city blocks perform the best and adjust your targeting accordingly.

The result? Better click-through rates across the board and hours added back to your calendar each week.


5. Simplify your client reporting

You may speak the language of the advertising agency, but your clients likely don’t.

Our client-friendly reports can be forwarded directly to your clients and cut down ad industry lingo into plain English. No more time wasted aggregating results across Facebook and Google, and no more overwhelming spreadsheets. Just the metrics your clients care about.

Spatially helps agencies save time and boost client results


Katherine ReQua

"Spatially has revolutionized our ability to integrate internal customer data and location data to effectively plan and execute campaigns for our clients."

- Katharine ReQua, Founder, For Now

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