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Laura Grey and Alex Andrade-Walz

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The Evolution of Hyperlocal Marketing: Tapping into Spatial Behavior

By Laura Grey and Alex Andrade-Walz on September 29, 2017 at 12:35 PM

How often do you leave home without your phone? Your customers rarely wander more than a few feet from them. Most think their cell phones are sleeping sweetly in their pockets and purses when they’re not being poked or stared at. Actually, mobile devices are constantly busy gathering information to help us when we work, play or shop. Phones follow the routes we take and “see” what shops and services we use. Then they link that data to the websites we search. We show and tell our phones what we’re interested in; they do their best to show us more of it. Noting location is critical to helping us find the people, places, products and information we’re looking for. In turn, marketers have been quick to jump on this opportunity and are ushering in an era of location-based ads. They're leveraging the location data collected by customers' mobile devices to best serve their needs in real-time through the use of hyperlocal marketing.

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