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Should You Include Call-Only Ads in Your Local Advertising Campaign?

June 11, 2018 at 2:10 PM

A call-only ad in Google AdWords

Although some people shy away from talking on the phone nowadays, it doesn’t mean call-only ads have no place in your local advertising campaign. Call-only ads are different from AdWords’ call extensions and warrant further research for even the smallest of businesses.

Since calling a representative usually takes less time than looking through rabbit holes of information on a company's website, call-only ads enhance user experience while making your conversion funnel more efficient at the same time.

Plus, phone calls are much more personal than any internet search. So even though talking on the phone may seem old school, is it too archaic to be included in your local advertising campaign? As you’ll come to find out, call-only ads do deserve a callback for your local marketing strategies.

What Are Call-Only Ads?



As the name implies, call-only ads encourage mobile visitors to make a phone call to your business. It’s one of the features you can take advantage of on Google AdWords and only appears on devices that are capable of making calls.

All someone has to do is click the ad for a phone call to be initiated, instantly connecting them to your business. In order to set up a call-only ad, you’ll need to input some information, including the name of your company, your phone number, a description, a display URL, and a verification URL.

Depending on the size of the screen your ad is being viewed on, some of this information will be visible and some of it won’t. There are also extensions you can use if you want your ad to provide more information, such as the location of your business.

With a variety of extensions to choose from that are free to use, it’s recommended to add as many of them to your ad as possible, as long as you stay in the realm of relevancy. Lastly, remember call-only ads are just that: call-only. Even though you’re asked to give a URL to your site, this is just to verify the data you supplied for your ad matches what’s on your website.

Benefits of Call-Only Ads

As mentioned before, talking on the phone isn’t everyone’s favorite form of communication. Different generations prefer different technologies, but one thing is for certain — mobile phones and devices will play a huge role in the evolution of local advertising.

Some people may talk on the phone more than others, but almost everyone has a phone they can communicate with when push comes to shove. Why not use that to your company’s advantage? Unless you own a business like a franchise that already has a secure customer base and a sizable advertising budget, you’ll need the help of call-only ads so people can know who you are and how to contact you.

These ads make your company’s phone number incredibly visible through layout, font size, and font color. That being said, your phone number will be the first thing people see when they spot your ad — and with a prominent call button to click on, it makes connecting with your business easier than ever.

As human nature would have it, if something is convenient, people are more likely to do it. Another benefit of call-only ads is that they put you in direct contact with a potential customer. With the PPC ads that many companies employ, online visitors are transported to your company’s website, leaving it up to the design of your site and the original intent of the visitor to make a profit.

People are much more likely to perform a certain action when a personal touch is involved. By being able to talk to a potential customer over the phone, you are more likely to form a connection with them and secure a sale. Lastly, call-only ads already have a built-in call to action: the call itself.

Many advertisers and marketers wrack their brains on the right wording and placement of calls to action to increase conversion rates. However, the only thing you need to focus on for call-only ads is figuring out what to say when the phone rings.

How to Set Up a Call-Only Ad Campaign

Now that you know what call-only ads are and their importance, it’s time to learn how to start a call-only campaign yourself. Call-only ads are a feature from Google AdWords, so you’ll need to create an AdWords account in order to employ this local advertising strategy.

Once you have an account, go to your dashboard and make your way to the campaigns tab. Once there, click on the blue circle with the white “+” in the center. You’ll then be prompted to choose a campaign type. From your options, choose “Search Network” since this is the only choice that allows you to set up call-only ads.

Then select a goal for your campaign. With call-only ads, this will either be sales or leads. Make sure to select “Get phone calls” as well. For a local ad campaign focused on cellular calls, this step is extremely important. It’s also recommended to bid high when it comes to call-only ad campaigns.

You may lose money at first, but the information you gain while optimizing your ad will be priceless. Speaking of optimization, it’s important to optimize for location in your local ad campaign. So use a local phone number and have calls routed to a store that’s nearest to the caller if you have more than one location.

It helps to do some market research as well so you can focus your ads on demographics that are responding best to your advertising efforts. Also make sure your call-only ads are visible when your business is actually open — with employees ready to receive those calls when they come.

One of the biggest deterrents of people calling a business is the potential of interacting with a robot. People usually call in the hopes they’ll be able to speak to a real person from the get go. When individuals have a pleasant phone exchange with a human representative, they’re more likely to call again in the future.

Call-only ad campaigns are an essential component to your overall local advertising strategy. Although this AdWord feature shouldn’t be your entire focus, mobile phones are a key piece in a your multi-channel marketing campaign. The power of a phone conversation is often underestimated and underutilized. All it takes is a good listening ear and the right words to say to turn a single call into a multitude of sales.


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