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How Spatially's Online Ad Targeting Works

July 16, 2018 at 1:36 PM

So you decided it's time to advertise your business online. With so many options of platforms, ad types and targeting it can be hard to know where to start from. With that in mind, Spatially combined location intelligence with an easy-to-use advertising platform. We also incorporated four targeting methods to get your message to the right people at the right time.

Here's how Spatially Ads works:

Geofence targeting

Geofence targeting allows you to reach your potential customers when they are within a specified number of miles of one or more chosen locations. You can set up to 200 geofences per campaign. See how it works:


Behavioral targeting

Spatially’s behavioral targeting allows you to reach the people that our platform and spatial database predict will be the most likely to become a loyal customers. With this approach, you will target the home and/or work addresses of people that have historically visited a specified location. Watch the video for more:


Current Customers and Neighbors

Looking to market to your current customers and reach people nearby? With Spatially Ads, you can upload your list of addresses to retarget your customers and their immediate neighbors with online advertising. Watch and see how it works:

Custom Audience

Have an idea of what your ideal customer looks like? Use Spatially's Custom Audience targeting to search across demographic and socioeconomic variables and target the geographic areas with the highest concentration of your ideal customer persona. Learn more:

Need more help to get started? Write to us at info@spatially.com or click the chat box to bottom right corner of your screen. Happy advertising!


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