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Introducing Spatially Labs

March 12, 2018 at 1:35 PM

Today, we’re excited to officially announce the open beta release of Spatially Labs.

Spatially Labs is a new suite of tools designed to help developers visualize and analyze their data spatially. These include:

Spatially DB

Spatially DB helps developers trigger alerts off geofence activity
Our cloud-hosted database, Spatially DB lets developers access rich spatial insights without the need to maintain the infrastructure and servers that go with it. Spatially DB provides a managed and scalable infrastructure that developers can use to run spatial queries, read and write layers, and aggregate data across layers.

The database stems from a common request we’ve heard in our conversations with mobile app developers and retailers alike: Help me understand where my users are.

Spatially DB allows developers to draw beaconless geofences around key locations that can then kick off notifications for whenever a mobile device with a location-sharing app is registered in that area. This alert can then notify an API service to trigger an event, such as a push notification.

Active Trade Areas

Identify where your customers live and work with Spatially ATAs

Leverage the same core geospatial technology that powers our advertising platform. With Active Trade Areas, or ATAs, developers can tap into our API library and proprietary data sets to identify the home and work locations of the people who interact with a given location.

Our machine learning and AI algorithms analyze billions of mobile observations to make your spatial queries a snap. You can even segment traffic by metrics like time of day to isolate patterns across those visiting a location at a specific time.

Spatially Grid (Coming Soon)

Visualize and understand location dynamics with Spatially Grid
For those looking to visualize and understand the dynamics of a location, Spatially Grid taps into over 250 million spatial grid cells to provide unique insights into the local businesses and demographics. We integrate census and mobile data to help developers, marketers, and analysts better understand consumers through the lens of location, extracting key insights including:

  • Who they are demographically (the age, gender, and racial compositions of an area, along with proportions of homeowners vs. renters, family structures, marital statuses, and much more)
  • Who they are socioeconomically (the makeup of an area in terms of household value and income)
  • Who they are psychographically and spatially (insights into key offline behaviors, such as where residents work and shop, along with spatial data on commutes and distance sensitivity)

While these products are still in beta, we are opening our API and SDKs to a handful of pilot customers free of charge for the remainder of the open beta. If you’re looking to power your data and tech with spatial insights, we encourage you to sign up for the beta today:

Join the Spatially Labs Beta

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