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Spatially's APIs Are Now Available for Licensing

May 25, 2017 at 9:05 AM

Spatially is pleased to announce our new product suite of APIs available for license. Our APIs provide market and analytical insights and metrics to enhance product offerings and knowledge provided by websites, marketers, agencies and other media outlets that focus on geospatial data, so you can achieve better marketing results. Spatially APIs can be licensed as packages or individually.


Featured Market Insights and Metrics APIs

Trade Areas

Precise geographic areas that make up a potential local market

  • Active Trade Area
  • Driving Time

Population Segmentation

Information about people relating to their spatial behavior

  • Localgraphics (Coming Soon)
  • Demographics
  • Demographics II

Advanced Analytics

Key measurements for a given business area

  • Product-Market-Location Fit (Limited)
  • Return on Location (Coming Soon)
  • Total Addressable Market: People
  • Total Addressable Market: Spending 
  • Walkability Index
  • Transportation Connectivity Index (Coming Soon)


Data descriptions in written language as opposed to list or numerical 

  • Residential Area Narratives
  • Business Area Narratives
  • Custom Narratives



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