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Why Do Lawyers Need SEO & Content Marketing?

November 14, 2018 at 4:43 PM

SEO For Lawyers

For decades, legal advertising has looked the same. Hard working law firms stow away hundreds of thousands of dollars in their ad budget, cross their fingers and then buy up billboards at busy intersections with their names printed in big ink. It’s a strategy that’s great for the ego, less so for real returns.

While this strategy is far from effective, it has stood the test of time because many lawyers have been sold to believe that, “It’s the only way”.


Here at Spatially, we know it’s wrong, because we help law firms land more clients and ultimately make more money through a much different strategy, by leveraging data-driven digital advertising, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and content marketing.

In other words, we don’t blow through your hard-earned money like it’s a trust fund. Instead, we invest your ad budget in a much more thoughtful, effective and lucrative way.

Below we share a few thoughts on why lawyers need SEO and content marketing…

Lawyer + SEO + Content = $$$

There are some fundamental differences between traditional advertising (like radio ads and billboards) and new-age advertising like SEO and Content Marketing. And, it turns out, these differences are what makes the latter a better more lucrative advertising strategy for hard-working lawyers looking to land more clients.

SEO & Content Marketing are valuable to the prospective client.

There is nothing valuable about a billboard. Sure, a billboard can tell you to get off at the next exit for hot coffee… but the vast majority of people don’t find billboards to be helpful.

The whole philosophy behind a billboard is that if enough people see it…  eventually… hopefully… someone will call. Sure, it might be great for awareness for a brand like McDonalds or Coke. But, it’s not necessarily the best option for lawyers and service businesses looking drive more leads.

SEO and Content Marketing, however, are a much different story. The pair are valuable because they give prospective customer’s a solution to a problem they’re struggling with. SEO and Content Marketing seek to answer questions like…

  • How much do lawyers cost?

  • What’s kind of lawyer do I need?

  • Where can I find a lawyer?

Besides being valuable to the customer, they also reach the customer in positions where they are much more likely to make a purchase, which we will talk about in the next section.

SEO & Content Marketing reach prospective clients when they’re most likely to buy.

When a prospective customer searches, “How much do lawyers cost” they are in a buying position or in a situation where they are more likely to make a purchase. Afterall, nobody spends their free time searching how much lawyers cost just for the fun of it.

So, if legal firms are able to rank on Google’s front page for questions like the one above, they can be the prospective client’s natural choice to work with.

Now, compare this to Bob cruising down I-69 eating a Snickers and seeing a billboard about an injury attorney.

Who do you think is more likely to pick up the phone and call? The person who is actually on their phone searching for a lawyer or the person driving 70 miles an hour down the interstate eating a candy bar?

Our point exactly.

SEO & Content Marketing allow Lawyers to target prospective customers locally.

Unlike the vast majority of agencies, Spatially is unique in that we take SEO and Content Marketing to the next level by adding location into the mix.

Whether it’s targeting customers in your city with mobile ads or optimizing your site to appear first in local searches, we excel at helping legal firms capture prospective customer locally.

While traditional advertising tends to cast a wide yet very unfocused net, SEO and Content Marketing (especially when it’s powered by location intelligence) allow you to hone in on your prospective customer and then serve them up valuable answers in the form of content.

Now, with all that said, why does SEO and Content Marketing still get a bad wrap?

Let’s address the elephant in the room.

We’re not naive… we imagine you’ve heard the term “SEO” before and maybe you’ve even made an investment in so-called SEO Agencies only to find your money vanish with little to no return (not unlike the billboards we mentioned previously).

The truth is that when SEO and Content Marketing is done correctly, there are few greater advertising strategies out there for law firms interested in driving more qualified leads… but the key word here is “correctly.”

You can’t just work with any SEO agency off the street and expect to see returns. No, law firms must partner up with agencies sporting terrific track records. Agencies like Spatially doing SEO and Content Marketing correctly.

Let’s get started.

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