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A Local Advertising Tool Your Clients Will Love

Grow revenue across your accounts with predictive targeting

Built around our best-in-class location intelligence software, Spatially bridges the physical and online worlds to help advertisers target their most probable customers–those that routinely make stops in their location and have the highest propensity of becoming repeat customers. If your clients are looking for custom segments, Spatially can also target customers of a competing or complementary business, consumers passing by key points of interest or an existing customer data set.


Drive superior results for your clients with intelligent geofencing and spatial targeting
Spatially makes big data actionable for agencies and their clients

Drive decisions with structured and actionable data.

For us, location targeting means more than drawing a circle around a point of interest; it means understanding the complex relationship between consumers, businesses and location. Spatially aggregates and analyzes millions of mobile, census and demographic data points to provide businesses a better understanding of their customers’ spatial behavior and the missing context of when, where and how to communicate with them.

Streamline campaign management and reporting.

Save time and energy by managing all of your clients’ Facebook and AdWords campaigns in one place. Our platform is designed to scale with your needs, providing a one-stop-shop for managing and reporting on all of your clients’ local advertising campaigns on an ever-growing number of platforms.

Manage multiple PPC clients in one place
Katharine ReQua

“Spatially has revolutionized our ability to integrate internal customer data and location data to effectively plan and execute campaigns.”

Katharine ReQua, Founder


Intelligent Geotargeting

Superior Local Targeting

Grow ROI by tapping into spatial patterns to target those who routinely make stops in your client’s Active Trade Area. We make targeting your clients’ most ideal customers a breeze.

Multi-Client Management

Client Management

View and manage all of your clients’ local advertising campaigns in one centralized dashboard. With unlimited client seats available, Spatially works for agencies of any size.

Manage Facebook and Google AdWords in one place

Cross-Network Support

Whether you’re looking for social media advertising or paid search, we’ve got you covered. We currently support both Facebook and AdWords, and are working on an Instagram integration.

Agency and Client Reporting

Reporting & Analytics

Get full and transparent access to all of your favorite PPC metrics, along with small-business-friendly reporting designed to be shared with your clients.


Built To Work Together

Already have your own agency platform? Use our embeddable widget to manage Spatially Connect within your existing workflow.


Traditional local advertising targets a broad radius
Spatially Connect targets the home and work locations of your clients' customers

Traditionally, the term “trade area” has referred to a geographic area that defines how far a business’s influence extends. Determining the boundaries of a trade area helps a business discover which locations customers come from. This is critically important when deciding on new business sites or targeting marketing and advertising. By counting numbers of potential customers who live one, three or five miles from your business location, these old-style trade area estimates provided quick but rough numbers. However, they didn’t account for physical barriers or transportation routes. They missed other positive or negative features of an area such as convenience to local attractions, or the location of competing or complementary businesses. They also failed to measure actual business traffic.

Today, thanks to spatial behavior analytics developed by Spatially’s team of data scientists, it is possible for your business to define and measure the size and location of your target market with far greater accuracy than old-style radius-based trade area measurements ever could. Instead of estimating your trade area based solely on its distance from your business, Spatially determines trade areas by using actual, observed and verified spatial behavioral data. We use this data to identify clusters of your business’s most likely customers. These clusters comprise your business’s Active Trade Area, or ATA. The determination of your ATA is a key element of the success of the Spatially Ads and Spatially Connect local advertising platforms.

With ATA, Spatially is able to determine the characteristics of the people your business is most likely to attract. We then apply these insights to your online advertising. Spatially targets your most relevant audience and serves your ads to them and only them. This lowers your advertising costs and attracts more of your most-probable customers. ATA technology uncovers new, untapped clusters of people who are already traveling to your Business Area but may be further afield than you’d expect. It also avoids clusters who are closer to your business but are unlikely to become your customers.

Ready to add ATA-targeting to your list of services?