for now

"Spatially has revolutionized our ability to integrate internal customer data and location data to effectively plan and execute campaigns for our clicks-and-bricks clients."

Katharine ReQua
Founder, For Now
mem tea

“Bringing people from our website to our shop can be challenging.  Spatially’s targeting allowed us to do just that by letting us focus on people who travel near our store. Their customer support and care is tremendous and we look forward to working with them for future marketing needs.” 

Michaela Thompson
General Manager, MEM Tea
rzone fitness

“Spatially helped us identify and target our very best prospective customers. Their team connected the dots for us by taking what we knew about our customers and overlaying census and geospatial data to show us which neighborhoods best matched our target persona. 

We would highly recommend Spatially to any business looking to get more leverage out of its location.” 

Glenn Greer
Co-Owner of RZone Fitness
empow studios

“We were facing a really steep learning curve and limited options for obtaining localized data to help us decide on the next pop-up program locations in Boston. Spatially tools cut through the clutter for us, and showed our options with layers of data that were important to us. It saved us weeks of stumbling round and helped us find locations that ended up outperforming revenue within the first year of operation.”

Leonid Tunik
CEO, Empow Studios  

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