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What networks and campaign types can I create using Spatially Ads?

Jul 19, 2018 12:37:09 PM

With Spatially Ads, you can create ad campaigns for Google, Facebook and Instagram. You can also connect your Google Ad and Facebook and Instagram Ad accounts to Spatially’s platform to apply our location and demographics targeting to your existing ad campaigns.


  • Search ads - you can create Google search ads directly with Spatially's platform.
Google ads with Spatially
  • For all other Google's campaign types (Display, Display Select, Shopping), you must connect to your Google Ads account and add Spatially's targeting.
google connect account


  • Marketing objective for Facebook: Traffic - you can create Facebook ads with Traffic targeting directly with Spatially Ads.
facdebook and spatially
  • For all other Facebook objectives (lead generation, app install, engagement, etc), you must connect your Facebook Ads Manager account and add Spatially's targeting.

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