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How do I target consumers at their home?

Jul 27, 2018 4:08:08 PM

Target consumers at home by entering your business address into Behavioral Targeting. Then click on the “Advanced” menu and select “Home” and set distance sensitivity from “Specific” to “Broad”.

You can also use Custom Audiences to target consumers at home. Select the “Advanced” drop-down menu and click the box for “Houses” under “Land Use”.

Another option is to upload your list of customers to the Customer Upload targeting objective, which draws geofences around clusters of customers on the list uploaded.

target at home custom

You can use any of Spatially's targeting methods to create new ads through Spatially's platform or you can apply the targeting to any existing Google and/or Facebook ad campaigns if you have a connected account. Follow Spatially's targeting methods guide to get started.


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