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How do I target my competitor’s customers?

Jul 27, 2018 3:36:42 PM

You can target competitors' customers while they are on-site by geofencing your competitor’s business location. To do that, simply choose Spatially's Geofencing targeting and add a 0.5 to 25-mile circle around one or more competitors' addresses.

geofence targeting

You can also target your competitor’s customers while they are at home/work by using Behavioral Targeting. This method allows you to target the home/work addresses of people who have historically visited your location before.

Behavioral targeting

You can use any of Spatially's targeting methods to create new ads through Spatially's platform or you can apply the targeting to any existing Google and/or Facebook ad campaigns if you have a connected account. Follow Spatially's targeting methods guide to get started.

Written by Spatially

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