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Are you watching your ad budget go up in flames?

It’s the same story every year but it never gets any less painful. Like a responsible practice, you stow away hundreds of thousands of dollars for your annual ad budget. Then, you invest in traditional advertising with your fingers crossed... only to see it go up in flames.

Join a portfolio of other law firms choosing Spatially to get more out of their ad budget.




The anti-advertising advertising agency that pays for itself.

There’s an age old quote that has always summed up advertising well... “Half of the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”

This is the problem law firms often run into. They pour buckets of cash into traditional advertising and as a result get an expensive billboard with their name printed on it in big ink.

It's great for the ego. Not so great for returns.

At Spatially, we pride ourselves in putting your hard-earned ad spend to good use by leveraging technology and data to deliver serious results.


Here’s how we help our law firms land more clients and cases:

Crystal clear (contract-free) transparency.

Spatially is one of the few agencies that doesn’t require its clients to sign long-term contracts. We only deserve your business if we’re delivering results. So, if ever you’re unhappy with our performance you can walk away, no questions asked.

We test and retest.

We don’t believe in the nonsense of throwing advertising dollars against the wall and hoping something sticks. Here at Spatially, we measure everything, eliminating what’s not working and doubling down on what is.

We’re a natural partnership.

While we allow you to opt out of using us at any time, we plan on long-term partnerships. This means we put in the time and effort to learn the ins and out of your firm -- everything from your intake process to your advertising goals to your analytics setup.

Laser focus on the metrics that matter.

Our campaign managers have been trained to avoid “vanity metrics” like clicks and impressions and reach. They instead focus solely on what will drive massive growth to your firm, like qualified leads and client sign-ups.

Leveraging data, technology, and location intelligence.

We’ve designed our agency to win when our clients win. In other words, we are incentivized to grow your firm like it’s our own. We’ve found the most effective way to do this is through combining data, technology and location intelligence to reach your customers when their in the most likely position to need a lawyer. 

Legal Marketing Expertise

personal injury law

Personal Injury Law

labor law

Labor Law

real estate law

Real Estate Law

family law

Family Law

corporate law

Corporate Law

Why lawyers?


Average reduction to Cost-Per-Lead after three months


Average improvement to Lead-To-Sign-Up Ratio after three months


Average improvement to Return-On-Ad-Spend after three months

When it comes to advertising, lawyers have their work cut out for them. The legal industry is extremely regulated and competitive. Not to mention, it has the most expensive keyword costs we’ve seen, where a single click can cost hundreds of dollars. 

To thrive in legal advertising, you need an experienced partner willing to look at your campaigns day in and day out, while combining data, technology and industry knowledge to make sure that your budget is going toward landing you more business. 

And, quite frankly, as a leading data-driven advertising agency that has generated groundbreaking results for over 100 legal advertising campaigns to date… we know we’re that partner.



What if I'm not a lawyer?

While we work extensively in the legal industry, we’re open to working with others as well. Our current portfolio includes companies in the financial services, real estate, healthcare, recruiting, consulting, e-commerce, and B2B software markets, along with local governments, and nonprofits, and other agencies.

During your no-commitment strategy session, our team will review our experience in your industry before assessing if it looks like a mutual fit.




- Ad Design

- Ad Copywriting

- Google Advertising (Search and Display)

- Facebook Advertising

- Instagram Advertising

- LinkedIn Advertising

- Quora Advertising

- Intent-Based Advertising

- Location-Based Advertising

- Content Marketing

- Blog Writing

- Geofencing

- Remarketing


- Conversion Tracking

- Funnel Analysis

- Continuous Optimization

- Conversion Rate Optimization

- Quality Score Optimization

- Performance Reporting

- Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

Meet Your Success Team


Alex Andrade-Walz

Alex is a seasoned marketer whose experience includes managing millions in digital ad spend for some of the most recognized brands in the world and leading growth for the fastest growing private technology company in the state of Washington. His advertising experience spans the gamut, and he enjoys diving into data to continually test and refine marketing performance. His thoughts on digital marketing have been published in the likes of Adweek, Forbes, Business2Community, and The Huffington Post.

Specialties: Law, Finance, Insurance, Healthcare, B2B


Bruna Indalecio

Bruna is an experienced multi-channel marketer and graphic designer. She has a gift for using her design background to create beautiful ads and audit landing pages from a user experience perspective. Before Spatially, she served as a marketing director of a multi-location retailer.

Specialties: Law, Franchise, Retail, HR, E-Commerce

matt griffin-2-1.jpg

Matthew Griffin

Matthew is an accomplished digital marketer certified in search, mobile, and display advertising in Google. He works closely with Spatially's engineering and data science teams to help advertisers effectively and efficiently optimize their campaigns and location-based targeting. 

Specialties: Law, Insurance, CPG, Fitness

Hillit Meidar-Alfi.jpg

Hillit Meidar-Alfi

A trained architect with a doctorate in urban planning, Hillit is the founder of Spatially and oversees a team of data scientists, engineers, and geographic information systems analysts. Her team works with enterprise customers looking for data enrichment or analysis that can be used to hone in on a client’s ideal customer profile, identify new markets, or assess campaign performance by cohort. She currently serves on the Forbes Agency Council.


Dan Jekel

A former corporate lawyer, Dan’s in-depth legal experience offers a sounding board for many of our largest campaigns. He helps us push the limits of digital advertising, while staying within the regulations of Google, Facebook, state-by-state bar associations, and other governing bodies. He also manages Spatially’s partnerships with Google and Facebook, ultimately allowing us to better serve our customers and stay on top of an ever-changing advertising ecosystem.

Value-Based Pricing

We believe ad agencies should pay for themselves.

Before accepting any new clients, our team does a thorough review of their goals and current performance. If we don’t think we can at least double a client’s current paid performance, we don’t take the business. If we believe we can provide significant improvement, we communicate out expectations and carve out the incremental cost savings in a way that provides the client an exceptional ROI and provides us with equitable compensation.

In other words—if a client comes to us with an existing cost per lead of $100, we want to trim that down to $50 and split the difference.

We view our clients as long-term partners and put in the work to make sure that each client receives far more in value than the fees they pay us.

Say goodbye to...

no long-term contracts

Long-term contracts.

We know many of our clients have been burned by agencies before, which is why we encourage you to start with a one-month trial and see the results for yourself, before making any sort of commitment

no billable hours

Billable hours.

We don’t believe a client should have to pay more for inefficient service or inflated hours, which is why we offer simple, fixed packages covering all of your ongoing advertising needs.

no bs metrics

BS metrics.

We don’t care about impressions and likes any more than you do. Our goal is to understand what moves the needle for you, set up the tracking necessary to capture those metrics, and optimize accordingly. If we can’t show real-world results, we don’t expect to keep your business. It’s that simple.

Talk to an Expert

How We’re Different

We’re a team of data geeks, and you better believe we’ll be crunching the numbers day in and day out to get you the best possible performance.

Spatially is the only advertising agency founded by a team of data scientists, Ph.D.s, and geographic information systems experts. We're pushing the limits of advertising innovation, bridging the physical and the online worlds through location intelligence.

Simply put, we know a lot about data and location, and we use both to optimize your campaigns.

We like to call it “location intent” -- or the practice of targeting your ads not only to the perfect audience, but in the perfect location as well. The “how” varies campaign by campaign (from targeting the intersections with the most collisions for a personal injury lawyer to people who have recently visited a family counseling center for a divorce or custody lawyer), while the result is always the same: Superior performance.

It’s the same fundamental approach we use to pay for only those clicks most likely to need your services and convert into high-value clients.

And it’s the strategy that has boosted our average client’s return-on-ad-spend by 8x.

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