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Industry Insights and Recommendations

Hone in on the copy and targeting that works for you.

competitor targeting

See who your competitors are targeting

Get industry insights on who your local competitors are targeting and how they’re targeting them. Then, apply these insights as the basis for your own campaign with the click of a button or use them to identify untapped market segments with less competition.

ad copy

Pull in industry-proven ad copy and keywords

Our experts have researched an exhaustive list of industries and business types to create recommendations for ad copy and keyword targets designed to move the needle. Use our templates as they are, customize them to your business needs, or scrap them altogether in favor of your own copy. The choice is yours.

nick neonakis

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Spatially helped us spend less time thinking about marketing and more time talking with clients.

Nick Neonaki  |  Founder, The Great American Franchise Expo
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