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Spatially Labs (Open Beta)

Access a library of technologies, tools, and data insights with our developer platform for engineers and data scientists.


Spatially DB

Store and retrieve spatial features with our cloud-hosted database. We’ll get you up and running so that you can build applications without the need to create and manage your own spatial database. Read and write layers, run spatial queries, and aggregate data across layers, all within a managed and scalable infrastructure. With Spatially DB, you can:

Read / write layers

Read / write spatial features

Support spatial queries


Buffer / circle

Aggregate data across layers

Sum, count, avg, min, max

Access a regularly maintained and supported infrastructure, allowing you to focus on building out a product, not running a spatial database


Active Trade Area

Tap into our APIs to identify the home and work locations of the people who interact with a given location. We analyze billions of mobile observations with sophisticated machine learning and AI algorithms to making finding home and work locations a snap. With Active Trade Areas, you can:

Trace back mobile observations to their home and/or work locations

Generate results by time of day


Spatially Grid (Coming Soon)

Visualize and understand location dynamics by accessing over 250 million (and growing) Spatial Grid cells that can be queried for businesses, demographics, land use, worker counts, and more.

Access Spatially Labs Open Beta