When will a mobile application be available?

A mobile version of the Spatially application is currently in the design phase and we will get it out as soon as possible. In the interim, Spatially offers a fully responsive mobile interface that provides a great user experience if you are accessing the site from your phone or tablet.


Do you have plans to roll out additional cities?

Definitely! We are currently live in Boston, Miami and Seattle as we progress towards our goal of full U.S. coverage. It takes some doing to get a new city online as it takes a good amount of effort to get all of the data prepared. If there is a certain city you’d like to see sooner rather than later, please let us know at feedback@spatially.com


Where does your data come from?

Our data comes from a variety of sources: a lot of public data (U.S. Census, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Bureau of Economic Analysis, etc.), licensed private data, and some data we generate ourselves. However, just getting the data doesn’t mean the job is done. It requires our data science team to interpret and manage that data to provide meaningful insight to our customers.


How often do you update the application and how can I find out about the updates?

We typically roll out updates on a weekly basis. Some updates are more about general enhancements and bug fixes while other updates are more substantial and include features and data. When new data and features are rolled out, we send updates via email to our registered users. If you haven’t already, make sure you sign up for the product so that we can keep you informed of new features and functionality.


How often does the data change?

It depends upon the data. We try to keep our data as current as we can. Big survey-based public data sources (like the U.S. Census Bureau) are updated annually; big behavioral datasets are updated monthly; and sensor-generated data (like traffic) are updated daily. Keeping our data current is a full time job all by itself.


How can I provide feedback and what do you do with it?

Please reach out to us via feedback@spatially.com. We love to hear from our customers and quite often, your feedback will be used to help prioritize feature development and identify and fix bugs.


When can I see data about [X]?

If our product doesn’t showcase the data you want, tell us! We may already have that data but haven’t yet made it visible. Or we may not have that data, but could provide it. Please reach out to us at feedback@spatially.com and let us know what information you’d like to see.


Why should I sign up for Spatially?

Some features of the product are unavailable to customers who have not signed up with Spatially, including some report functions. As we continue to develop the application, some new features will only be available to registered customers so that preferences and results can be saved. Additionally, you should sign up so that you can receive updates about new data and functionality as they become available in the product. So sign up today!


Will Spatially always be free and not require registration?

Some functionality and data that Spatially provides will always be free and not require registration. We feel that we would like you to get a glimpse of all that we offer and not require you to connect with a customer service representative to give you a demo and sit through a sales pitch.


What kind of functionality do you plan on adding in the future?

Good question, but difficult to answer. We don’t want to spill too many beans. We are prepping new data that will help customers better determine whether a Business Area is right for their type of business. We'll also offer enhanced reports and user interface updates and are gearing up for mobile application development, to name a few features in the pipeline. But we also want to know what functionality you would like us to develop as well. Don’t be shy - let us know at feedback@spatially.com


If I am having trouble using the application, how can I let you know?

If you are having difficulties, there are a few ways to get in touch with us:

  • Email us at feedback@spatially.com
  • From the application, click on the Feedback button in the bottom left corner or if you are signed in, click on the Support button from your account profile menu.


Why doesn’t my business fall into a Business Area?

Business Areas consist of a reasonably large number of businesses within a short distance of one another. It could be that your business is too far from other businesses to be considered part of the same cluster, or that your local cluster of businesses does not meet minimum size requirements. However if you think that this is incorrect, please let us know via feedback@spatially.com. Be sure to give us the address of your business and we will consider redefining Business Areas to accommodate your concerns.


Why doesn’t my business come up in the predictive search?

This is likely because your business name isn’t in our businesses database. We try to keep our business database as up to date as possible, but sometimes we miss one here and there. We also currently limit the number of business names that come up in the predictive search results to three. However, in most cases, you can still enter your business name and submit the search and a pin will be dropped at the address of your business.


Why are you asking me to select my industry?

Some of the data that we provide in the application is displayed based upon your industry and industry subcategories.


Why is my Business Area named this instead of that? Everyone calls it this.

Business Area names were generated programmatically. We want to have Business Areas names to match terms used by people who know the areas, but in some cases, we may not know the commonly used term. If you think an area is named incorrectly, please let us know at feedback@spatially.com. Be sure to tell us how we named the Business Area and what you think it should be named.


How do you calculate Find Similar Area?

That is one complex calculation! It is closely guarded, but in a nutshell, it utilizes a variety of data points about the Business Area and its surroundings and compares those across all Business Areas in the same city resulting in areas that have a similar makeup.


What platforms and browsers do you support?

Chrome on Windows/Macintosh/Linux
Internet Explorer 11+ on Windows
Safari 9+ on Macintosh
Firefox v.46+ on Windows/Macintosh/Linux


I haven’t heard of some of the terms used in your product. Where can I learn about what they mean?

You can learn about Spatially’s key terms and concepts by checking out our Resources page. Go to the LEARN tab at the top of this page and select RESOURCES, or click here.


What is the difference between an Area and a Business Area?

To Spatially, an Area is composed of the immediate surroundings of a location or business not included in a Business Area. Business Areas consist of a reasonably large number of businesses within a short distance of one another. If a  location falls into an Area instead of a Business Area, that means there are not enough businesses within a short distance of the location to warrant it being part of a Business Area.


Why can’t I view a report or do a Find Similar Area on a location that is outside of a Business Area?

Currently, reports are only available for Business Areas because the data in the report can only be provided by the Business Areas dataset. Our product’s "Find Similar Area” capability looks for places that are comparable with respect to a variety of features. Some of these features can only be computed reliably when there are a reasonable number of businesses in the immediate vicinity. Points outside of Business Areas typically don’t have enough businesses close to one another to allow accurate calculations.


Can I license any of your data via API?

Absolutely! Some of our data can indeed be licensed. Please contact us at sales@spatially.com and we will be in touch.

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