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Srategically Leveraging Location Analytics Is Our Mission

All data generation occurs somewhere. When seeking to transform raw data into insight, the potential behind this simple fact is often overlooked or underutilized. Spatially is shifting that paradigm. We’re successfully challenging the status quo in data analysis, showing why location intelligence is essential when optimizing descriptive analytics, rendering them more efficiently predictive.

We custom-build the data models we use. Geospatial analysis applied to real-time data, historical data, and especially transactional data is a highly-effective tool for retail, recruiting, site planning, advertising, and any business leader looking to manage, enrich, and step up their data game. By providing a tailored visualization layer of what happened and where, Spatially ignites the fuel that curates desirable, data-driven outcomes. 

In short, we understand that the reason behind why a data event occurred at a particular time and place is value waiting to be extracted. We’ve built our business around this concept.

1-Harness the Power of Location Intelligence

Data Geeks and Marketing Pros 

The team behind Spatially is composed of data experts. We’re a close-knit group of PhDs, data scientists, and software engineers, partnered with marketing and design gurus, and rounded out with accomplished startup veterans. The relentless pursuit of data truth unifies our diverse backgrounds, and puts the power of location intelligence at your fingertips.

1Data to Business Insight

Spatially is headquartered in Miami, FL,
with satellite offices in Boston, MA, and Haifa, Israel.

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