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What We Offer

Digital Advertising Consulting

Strategy & Consultation

We'll work with you to understand your goals, your voters, and what makes your platform unique. Next, we'll lay out the targeting options, platforms, creatives, and copy that best meet your goals.

cost efficient


Our proprietary location intelligence is designed to get you a better ROI than native advertising. We predict and target only your most probable supporters—those most likely to vote in your favor.

Cross-Network Advertising Solutions

Cross-Network Coverage

Choosing the right advertising channelsuch as Facebook, Instagram, or Google AdWords—can make or break a campaign. We'll analyze your campaign and audience to allocate your spend efficiently and effectively.

ROI Reporting

Reporting & Analytics

Our goal isn't to deploy your budget. It's to get you results. Our team will walk you through your campaign performance, so that you'll know how your ads are doing every step of the way.

Continuous PPC Optimization

Continuous Optimization

Our team will monitor and manage your campaigns daily to ensure you're getting in front of the right voters and seeing real-world resultsall while staying within the growing regulations around political digital advertising.

And a One-Stop Shop For:

Compiance & Regulation Guidance

Ad/Graphic Design


Campaign Set-Up

Constituent Analysis

Competitor Targeting

Landing Page Optimization

Quality Score Optimization

Performance Reporting &
         Regular Client Check-Ins

Google Analytics Integration &
         UTM Tracking

Voter/district intelligence reports

Location Targeting

Location Testing


Geospatial Targeting

Proximity Marketing

Event / Meet-and-Greet Advertising


Search Engine Marketing

Google AdWords Management

Bing Ads Management

Keyword Selection & Management

Single Keyword Ad Groups

Display Advertising

Mobile Advertising

Google Display Network Management

Facebook & Instagram Ads Management

Managed Placements

Budget Optimization

Manual Bidding

A/B Testing

Campaign Monitoring

A Little About Our Account Management Team



Your satisfaction is our top priority. We understand that every political organization is different and work with each client to understand and optimize for their individual needs.


Experienced Across Industries

Our team comes from a wide array of industries and bring to the table first-hand experience in navigating complex regulation and pinpointing your perfect audience.

tried and tested

Tried and Tested

Our team is fully certified and has experience working with local campaigns, enterprise, and government entities alike, optimizing for budgets anywhere between $500/month and $80k/month.

data driven


A relentless obsession for data is at the core of who we are and how we operate. Our team includes PhDs, engineers, and data scientists working to get you the most out of your marketing.


“Spatially helped us identify and target our very best prospects. Their team connected the dots for us by taking what we knew about our audience and overlaying census and geospatial data to show us which neighborhoods best matched our target persona.

We would highly recommend Spatially to any client looking to get more leverage out of its location."

Glen Greer, Co-Owner
Red Zone

Ready to reach more voters this election year?