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Build and manage your campaigns with our easy-to-use platform.

Ad spend: Min. $150
Success Fee: 10% of ad spend
What you get:
Platform Access to Spatially Ads
Active Trade Area Targeting
Integration with Facebook and Google AdWords Search 
Centralized Campaign Management
Performance Measurement
Email & Intercom Support
managed service
Let us expertly manage your digital advertising to get you the best possible results.

For monthly budgets of $50,000+
Success Fee: Get a quote
What you get:
Digital advertising expertly designed to move the needle 
A dedicated and certified Customer Success Manager
Strategy and consultation
Fully managed campaign creation, management, and optimization
Bi-weekly reporting and summary calls
Support for all major platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, AdWords Search, AdWords Display, and Bing Ads
Email, Intercom and Phone Support

Our Pricing Philosophy

Instead of charging a fixed fee, our pricing is tied directly to your advertising budget. You have full control of setting your daily bid (the maximum amount you’d like to pay per day), and we’ll get you as many clicks as possible for that price. Setting a higher daily bid will get you more results, while lower daily bids will get you a slower trickle of clicks. Either way, you name the price, and our service fee will scale to fit your budget.

Your daily cap is paid directly to Facebook or AdWords—your chosen delivery network—as the cost of advertising. On top of this, Spatially charges a 10% service fee for providing a self-serve platform for simplified campaign management, layering in additional data points and targeting objectives, and ongoing customer success.

We charge a fixed percentage, instead of a monthly subscription fee, to give you the flexibility to adjust your ad spend on the fly. While other advertising platforms charge $100+/month, we recognize that this is a huge percentage of the average company’s marketing budget and have priced our service fee in favor of smaller budgets. For example, a small business spending $10/day on advertising would pay a mere $30/month for Spatially, as opposed to $100+/month for comparable campaign management solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Google AdWords or Facebook ad account?

Nope! You can build and manage your search and social ads straight from our self-serve platform.

If you do, however, have an existing account with Google or Facebook, you can connect your accounts and use Spatially to optimize your location targeting. This way, you can keep running your original campaigns, while pulling in Spatially's custom personas and targeting objectives.


What is pay-per-click pricing?

Pay-per-click (PPC) pricing is a digital advertising model, in which advertisers are charged every time a consumer clicks on their ad. If an ad generates five clicks, the publisher will be charged for five clicks. If, however, the ad gets in front of one thousand people but none of them click on the ad, the publisher is not charged anything.

PPC is the default bidding model used by our self-service product. Our managed service product may use alternative models (most notably, pay-per-view or cost-per-mille), which your success manager will go over prior to launching your campaign.


How many clicks can I get for $x? 

The price of a click varies greatly by industry, location, and advertising network (Facebook, Google, Instagram). The price is set through a real-time auction, in which ad real estate is rewarded to the publisher willing to pay the most for that particular spot. As a result of more people bidding for scarce inventory, competitive industries like law and finance typically see higher advertising costs.

While we can't cite an exact number, we recommend first-time advertisers start with a small budget, which will provide an early indicator of how much each click will cost. 


Where does my ad spend go?

100% of your ad spend is paid directly to the advertising platforms: Facebook or Google. Spatially only makes profits off of the success fee.


How am I billed?

Self-serve customers can choose to be billed upfront before each new campaign or in monthly increments for longer campaigns. Managed-service customers are billed upfront, on a per-project or per-month basis. While not required to sign a contract or commit to multiple months, we do offer volume discounts to customers looking to deploy larger budgets or advertise over a longer period of time.


What if I'm unable to fully deploy my upfront payment?

If your budget cannot be fully deployed or you stop your campaign early, you’ll receive a refund for your unspent ad budget.


Is there a minimum campaign duration?

Spatially's self-service platform requires a minimum campaign duration of three days; however, we highly recommend at least one week to give your ad plenty of time to optimize.


Can I stop my campaign early?

Yes, you can pause or stop your campaign at any time and receive a refund for the unspent ads budget.


Are there any additional costs?

Besides state taxes (if applicable), the only costs are what you see above. We believe in transparency and want you to know exactly what you're paying and what you're getting.

Our managed service clients do have the option of purchasing add-on items, including custom GIS analysis and graphic design, all of which will be priced before anything is charged.


What is the expected ROI of Spatially? 

We recognize that our customers' two most valuable resources are their time and money, and we've made it our mission to save them both.

Our goal is to make your $100 act like $200. By targeting only your most probable customers (those statistically most likely to convert), we'll able to stretch your advertising budget further and dramatically reduce ad spend wasted on clicks that have a very low likelihood of converting into paying customers.

Additionally, we save you time. We've streamlined the burdensome process of creating and managing a digital ad campaign so that you can get up and running in mere minutes (or even go completely hands-off with our managed service offering).

To learn more, check out a few of our customer stories.