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Back Alley Bike Repair - Seattle, WA

Dec 22, 2017 12:41:38 PM

In the trendy Pioneer Square neighborhood, hidden in the Nord Alley, is Back Alley Bike Repair—a shop that offers everything a cyclist needs: from repairs and upgrades, to custom builds and local bike manufacturers. Back Alley Bike Repair has been serving the community for six years and owners Ben Rainbow and Julian Aristeo have worked in the Pioneer Square area for almost 10 years.

"We chose to set up here mainly because both of us had previously worked for another repair shop and that was just a few blocks away and so we’ve kind of come to grow with our customers as the neighborhood has kind of changed itself, given itself a facelift and we like to remain a constant for those people that are still working and playing here,” Ben said about the Nord Alley, which is about to undergo a resurfacing project that it’s gonna accentuate the area as a fun space for people to explore.

Back Alley Bike Repair also offers local craft-made items and also throws events, such as the First Thursday Art Walk, which is for Ben a great opportunity to shine a light on local artists.

"We like to think Back Alley Bike Repair is unique because it’s a really a labor of love for the both of us and something that we’ve worked hard to create, a personable experience where service really does matter. We like to create relationships with our customers and count ourselves lucky we got a super diverse clientele”.

Back Alley Bike Repair is located at 314 1st Ave S, Seattle, WA. Stay pumped up!

Bruna Indalecio

Written by Bruna Indalecio

Marketing campaign manager at Spatially. Lover of cats, arts, technology, and design.

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