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Davis Square Donuts & Bagels - Somerville, MA

Nov 6, 2017 5:28:09 PM

George Dardonis, a native of Somerville, Massachusetts, has always been passionate about his city’s rich history and culture. When he decided to open his own business, he had no doubt in his mind about where it would be. He opened Davis Square Donuts & Bagels in the heart of his hometown. Though only a few months old, the Boston Globe says that this shop “already feels like an old favorite.”

“For 34 years, I lived in Somerville, so I wanted to do something in my city. So here I am in Davis Square,” George says cheerfully. He even commissioned a mural featuring the most iconic buildings of Somerville as a tribute to his beloved city.

Davis Square Donuts & Bagels offers handcrafted donuts, bagels and sandwiches, all made fresh daily. Everything in the shop is made in-house, from the dough to the frosting. The bagels are New York–style, first kettle-boiled, then baked. They come in sweet and savory varieties, and there are multiple delicious vegan options. They make more than ten mouthwatering flavors of oversized donuts, including delectable Somerville cream and Nutella-filled varieties, an Oreo-encrusted donut and even a donut topped with Fruity Pebbles. Complement your treat with a bold cup of Peet’s coffee, or try a seasonal latte.

Davis Square Donuts & Bagels,a proud user of the Spatially Ads ad-targeting platform, is located at 377 Summer St., Somerville, Massachusetts.

Bruna Indalecio

Written by Bruna Indalecio

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