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Oat Shop - Somerville, MA

Nov 22, 2017 10:42:36 AM

Oat Shop is an oatmeal café in Somerville, Massachusetts. This unique concept was envisioned by owner and founder Alan Donovan, who has always been a big oatmeal fan. Donovan, who worked in finance before opening Oat Shop, wants to change people’s idea about oatmeal.

“Generally people think of oats as only a breakfast food, but we really try to break them out of that category and do both sweet and savory options. The savory options are really popular at lunch.” Alan says lots of people enjoy the bacon and egg oatmeal bowl, the sriracha fried egg option and the “great greens” bowl with kale chips, house-made pesto, avocado, pumpkin seeds and, of course, oatmeal.

At Oat Shop, you can completely customize your bowl or choose from one of their signature recipes. Sweet options include ingredients such as almond butter, granola, berries, jams, coconut sauce and chocolate; the savory options include fried egg, sriracha, bacon, avocado, potato curry and ginger, to name a few.

Besides serving delicious bowls, Oat Shop offers coffee and homemade baked goods. They also provide healthy corporate catering services from their made-to-order menu.

Oat Shop, a proud user of the Spatially Ads ad-targeting platform, is located at  22A College Avenue in the Davis Square section of Somerville, Massachusetts.

Bruna Indalecio

Written by Bruna Indalecio

Marketing campaign manager at Spatially. Lover of cats, arts, technology, and design.

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