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Rayo Gallery - Miami Beach, FL

Aug 22, 2017 11:43:41 AM

When you think of Miami Beach, what usually comes to mind is beautiful beaches, lots of nightlife activities and international visitors. But one local business offers a completely different view of Miami and its very diverse residents.

Meet Rayo–a collective of local international artists in Miami Beach, Florida. For owner and curator Nicole Pozos, Rayo stands for strength, creativity and uniqueness. It’s a platform for multidisciplinary artists to show the diversity in their cultures.

“Our imagination motivates us to innovate, but our traditions inspire and lead us to create. We are energized by the eclectic and original, that’s the feeling we want to cultivate with Rayo,” said Nicole.

Rayo features artists from different backgrounds and offers an assortment of exclusive decorative and wearable pieces. Nicole curates these items to reflect the beauty and inspiration found throughout the city of Miami. She hopes to keep adding more lines and artists to Rayo’s portfolio.

Rayo is located at 1628 Michigan Avenue in Miami Beach. Make sure to drop by and check out their incredible collection next time you’re around.

Rayo is located at 1628 Michigan Ave, Miami Beach, FL

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Bruna Indalecio

Written by Bruna Indalecio

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