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Key Benefits

We’ve done the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. It takes mere minutes to launch your first Spatially Ads campaign, and we’ve made campaign optimization a breeze. No digital advertising experience required.

focus on what you love

Focus On What You Love

Marketing shouldn’t be a chore. Get set up in minutes and back to what you love most—running your business.

save money

Save Money

With our predictive customer targeting, you’ll only pay for those clicks most likely to result in a store visit based on proximity and offline behaviors.

save time

Save Time

No more time wasted learning the nuances of digital advertising. We’ll walk you through the entire process with guided prompts and a simple interface.

centralized ad management

Centralized Ad Management

Manage all your Facebook and Google AdWords campaigns, media and targeting parameters in one centralized dashboard.

boost customer value

Boost Customer Lifetime Value

Nurture current customers and target frequent passerby to incentivize repeat business and build customer loyalty.

“Spatially transformed our marketing and grew our ROI by a factor of 5x. They helped us tap into census data to target segments we never thought we could reach, while shifting our ad spend away from those less likely to convert.”

Nick Neonakis, Founder


As consumers, we are creatures of habit. We follow roughly the same path to work every day, eat at the same restaurants, and shop at the same stores. Spatially recognizes these patterns to add a behavioral layer to demographic segmentation, allowing you to target customers
with more precision than ever before.

behavioral targeting.jpg

Behavioral Targeting

Target the people that historically visited your business location or relevant point of interest.

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customer and neighbors targeting

Customers and Neighbors

Upload a list of your customers’ home addresses to retarget them and their immediate neighbors.

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custom audience targeting

Custom Audience

Reach the neighborhoods and workplaces with people that best match your target customer. 

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geofence targeting.jpg

Geofence Targeting

Target people within a distance radius of one or more locations by drawing circles anywhere on the map.

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How it Works

  Build Your Audience


Select a business address you’d like to market and your targeting objective, and we’ll help you craft the perfect audience for your ads. The Spatially Ads platform bridges the offline and online world to incorporate all of your favorite segmentation filters—such as age, sex, interests and location.

build your audience

  Design Your Ad

Next, identify your ad network of choice (currently Facebook or Google AdWords), and we’ll walk you through designing an ad optimized for success on your chosen platform. When you’re done, simply set a daily budget and your ads will be live as soon as they’ve been approved.

build your ad

  Manage Your Campaigns

Track and manage all of your ad campaigns in one place with our centralized dashboard. Here, you’ll be able to see your results in real-time, pause or resume campaigns and further refine your targeting and creatives.

dashboard-manage your campaigns

Effective, local, affordable advertising
—that’s Spatially Ads.