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Harness the Power of Location Intelligence

Harness the Power of Location Intelligence 

The tech behind Spatially’s algorithms is complex and multi-layered, yet the deliverable could not be more simple: provide barrier-free access to actionable intel. From developing brand awareness to targeted customer acquisition and retention, Spatially combines census, demographic, and mobile data flows alongside socioeconomic and psychographic profiling, producing a holistic view of designated targets of interest. 

Geared for Outperformance

Geared for Outperformance

Partnering with us means accessing the power of a true, native artificial intelligence. An AI that is always learning, always evolving, and constantly executing decisions in the most strategic manner possible to benefit our clientele. By transforming location data into transparent, usable insight, we help foster an accurate understanding of your actual customers — who they are, where they come from, and how you can best reach them.

Continuously Drive Engagement

Continuously Drive Engagement

By connecting location and time across the digital and physical worlds, Spatially’s data models engage the right people at the right moment, optimizing your ROI.


Data Models for Precision Targeting

Data Models for Precision Targeting

Let’s talk patterns. We truly are creatures of habit, and this is observable behavior. Through pattern recognition, it is possible to deploy data models that drive customer engagement. Consider them templates, forged from the processing power only available via machine learning and artificial neural networks.

Beyond Keyword Intent

Beyond Keyword Intent

To maximize engagement, Spatially adds a proprietary “location intent” filter. These geofencing determinants of where a potential customer lives, works, and visits are aggregated and analyzed to best gauge the likelihood of converting that person to a loyal customer.

Data-driven Science

Data-driven Science in the Service of Marketing

As humans, we participate in data-driven decision making all the time. For example, you don’t need a bank of hard drives to notice that one restaurant stays consistently busy every time you walk by. Your eyes deliver you both definitive and probable data: a) it’s obviously popular, and b) it probably has good food. Now multiply that computational analysis by countless other data inputs far beyond human capability — such as continuously aggregating and analyzing millions of GPS signals — that show businesses a comprehensive view of where their most probable customers spend their time. Incoming data is constantly evaluated to extract insight from behavioral patterns.


We’re an Extension of your Team



Data-driven advertising to build awareness, increase traffic, and boost engagement

Strategic Development

Strategic Development

Dedicated data analysis and account management to achieve your goals

Competitor targeting

Audience Analysis

Optimizing your market capture through targeted customer engagement

Data enrichment

Data Enrichment

Maximizing your data to extract useful business insights

Why Spatially


Scalable data models built from the ground up


Fully responsive and flexible tech, structured for continuous optimization


Delivering real-world value through location intelligence

Our story

Spatially is a dedicated team of data geeks and marketing pros with a global footprint anchored in Boston, Miami, and Israel.

We understand that correctly analyzing physical and digital data connectivity creates massive opportunity.

By providing a customized visualization layer of what happened and where, we ignite the fuel behind curating desirable, data-driven outcomes. That relentless pursuit of data truth unifies our diverse backgrounds, and puts the power of location intelligence at your fingertips.

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Deliverables via location intelligence is not futuristic; it’s available right now. Harness the power of data-driven insights today.

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